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It's Resume Time
How is 2020 working out for you so far?  Are you on track to accomplish your professional goals?  Are you positioned to receive that coveted promotion you have been working towards?  Does your current manager give you the flexibility you need in the workplace?  If not, stop – it’s resume time!  Get ready for 2020 with a new professional resume.  Our online process makes it easy to get started.  Simply choose a package, and then, select a theme.  Collaborate directly with a resume expert who can highlight the experience employers desire.  This is your chance for a fresh start.

Our Philosophy

Rave Resumes exists to get you back to work more quickly, and we believe your success as a job seeker hinges on the quality of your resume. An effective resume meets a specific list of criteria. If your resume is missing key elements, your resume is not helping you move forward. From entry level candidates to senior professionals, Rave Resumes crafts unique and professional resumes to help you get the response you deserve in order to win interviews and get back to work faster.

power package

Select the Power Package to jump start your job search. Brand yourself with smart marketing, so potential employers will quickly identify you as a high potential candidate.

Package includes-

All the Rave revisions plus:

  • customized cover letter
  • professional LinkedIn profile
  • job search strategy
  • personal marketing campaign


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Rave Package

New clients select this package. Based on the information you provide, we will structure your experience appropriately, so hiring managers can easily assess your experience, key skills, and accomplishments.

Package includes-

All the Club revisions plus:

  • strong professional introduction
  • proper content structure
  • insert action verbs
  • highlight career accomplishments


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club package

Returning clients select this package. If you need to update an old resume or target your experience to a different job or industry, this is the package for you.

Package includes-

  • content organization
  • check resume basics
  • correct surface errors
  • reformatted to the theme you choose


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