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We professionally write and design unique resumes as part of a marketing strategy individualized for each job seeker. We carefully assess your comprehensive work history and highlight the skills hiring managers want to see. Make an impression and shorten your job search with an exceptionally crafted resume.

Why use us?

At Rave Resumes, we are smart and passionate about what we do, writing resumes and making them look pretty. Our team has been either writing resumes, recruiting, and/or marketing for a combined 25 years, and we have first hand knowledge of how to best present candidates. If you can't tell a hiring manager who you are and what you do in 30 seconds, your resume hasn't done its job.

We employ a standardized approach which makes it easy for customers to get started. Most job seekers make mistakes when writing their resumes, so leave it to the experts. We write a strong introduction, insert key words, highlight your accomplishments, and convey the depth of your background. All this information is what you bring to your potential employer, and it better make a good first impression.

Don't be fooled by a resume factory. Rave Resumes combines a quality resume with a smart marketing package to get you back to work faster. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and are committed to making your individual brand.

What We Do

As professional resume writers, we either start with your existing resume, or begin with your completed work history questionnaire. Once you decide on your package and theme, we are ready to get started. We can edit your resume with our Club Package. This is for job seekers that already have a strong resume, but need some finishing touches. However, our customers benefit the most from our Rave Package. This is our best seller and this package delivers high quality results for those serious job seekers.

We create a strong introduction, structure your resume properly, add and rewrite content, and highlight individual achievements. When all these elements are in place, we format it for hiring managers to accurately assess your skills and depth of experience. This is key when submitting your resume to potential employers. Your resume has got to sell your skills in 30 seconds or less, so leave it to the experts. We have revised thousands of resumes and worked as hiring managers, so we know how to get the results you need.


Who We Are

Rave Resumes is a service of Inskeep and Associates, LLC, with over 25 years of resume writing and product marketing experience. We are a team of HR and Marketing experts with extensive backgrounds in resume composition, skills assessment, and product branding. Together, we have revised thousands of resumes over the last 25 years and pride ourselves in our ability to make a difference to those who need our help the most.