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The Vulcan
Vulcan’s resume layout defines who you are with an executive summary and emphasizes your career accomplishments. Hiring managers will quickly recognize your professionalism and notice your expertise with this format.

 Vulcan Rave Package- $229

 Vulcan Club Package- $189

Vulcan Power Package- $499

The Oxmoor
Oxmoor is a strong professional resume format with a sophisticated style. Your experience will read well and your accomplishments will pop off the page. Make a good first impression and win that interview you deserve.

 Oxmoor Rave Package- $229

 Oxmoor Club Package- $189

Oxmoor Power Package- $499

The Preserve
Preserve resumes delivers with a punch. The impact of your resume will determine if you win the interview. This is a sophisticated layout that describes who you are, where you have been, and what value you bring.

 Preserve Rave Package- $229

 Preserve Club Package- $189

Preserve Power Package- $499

The Redmont
Redmont’s sleek resume design is fresh and professional. Make a statement to potential employers by showcasing your experience and emphasizing your strengths through your career progression.

 Redmont Rave Package- $229

 Redmont Club Package- $189

Redmont Power Package- $499

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